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As a business owner in Ontario, you rely on electricity to power your operations. However, skyrocketing electricity costs are making it more and more difficult to stay in business in this province. You don’t want to leave the province or shut down your company, but what else can you do?

There is another option: switching to solar energy. Solar energy is inexpensive, and it’s environmentally friendly, too.

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How much would you save?

How Can Solar Energy Reduce the Cost of Your Electricity Bills?

There is a misconception about solar energy – people think it is more expensive to use than traditional sources of energy. That’s not true – the sun’s rays are abundant and free, and the cost of installing solar panels continues to drop.

Another myth is that Ontario isn’t a good place to install solar panels. That’s also false; we get more sun hours than cities in Germany, which is considered the capital of renewable energy usage.

Moreover, you’ll recoup the investment of solar panels. Within approx. 10-12 years, you will see thousands of dollars of savings in your electricity bill, which allows you to pass those savings on to your customers.

What’s the Process to Install Solar Panels for My Business?

If your business, farm, or commercial property uses tons of electricity, you might be an excellent candidate for solar panels. Installing solar panels goes beyond just putting up solar panels at your place of business – there’s a process to it, which we’ll outline below.

The first step is for a solar energy solutions provider to assess your property. Sinergia Mundial offers a free assessment to determine how feasible it is to install the solar panels. There might be trees or other obstacles on the property that block the sun’s rays. We also look at the state of the section of the roof where panels will be located.  If that roof is more than 10 years old, it should be replaced before solar panels can be installed. It will be less expensive to replace it before the panels are installed.

Next, we’ll prepare and submit a proposal outlining where the panels should be located, what types of panels should be used, and whether the solar panels will need any kind of support.

Energy is a highly regulated field, so once we identify the right solar panels for your needs, our team secures permits to install the solar panels and we work with your utility company. This saves you the hassle and time of having to obtain the approvals yourself.

The next stage is installing the solar panels. Every aspect of the installation is handled by the top professionals in the field. We only work with the best engineers, electricians and installers who have extensive experience in these projects.

After installation, our job isn’t done. We make sure inspections are carried out, such as electric, building permits and utility, and monitor the solar panels’ function and provide support if needed for maximum peace of mind.

Solar Panel Warranty 20 years

Why Choose Sinergia Mundial for Your Solar Panel Installation?

Sinergia Mundial has experience and knowledge in solar panel installation. Our team gets your solar panel installation right, the first time. The result is that you have peace of mind and lower electricity bills. To learn more, call us today at 647-785-5535.